UrbanLabs are places where the public can learn and explore the potential of sustainable cities.

Visitors can learn about what is possible today with mobility, connectivity, energy and much more.

UrbanLabs are living laboratories to explore technologies at all stages of development.

In fact, UrbanLabs is a place where can take their ideas, incubate them and grow them into the mainstream.

Amy Chen

Amy Chen

Amy is a co-founder of aSolar Inc, a New York City based solar project development company that provides full services of solar renewable energy systems. Activities include project consulting, investment advisory, system design& engineering, material procurement and installation. Her green-tech exposure is widespread in North America, Asia, and Africa; including but not limited to utility scale solar farm development and investment, R&D of innovative technology, and international trading for green products.

MA (EE), Columbia

BS (EE), Kings

BA from Kings

Josh Yu

Josh Yu

Josh is a consultant for Taiwan Green Trade Project Office. He facilitates collaboration between Taiwanese companies and organizations in industries ranging from biodegradable products, LED, solar, and battery storage, to information and communication technology. Josh leads business development for UrbanLabs. Josh is deeply involved in NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program and specifically the power of media for promoting social and environmental causes.


Tom Glendening

Tom Glendening

Tom uses technology, economics and design to maximize the value of real estate and other urban assets. Example projects: transformation of disused shopping center in London, UK into highly successful niche trade mart; optimization of global facilities portfolio of one of the world's largest manufacturers; and reclamation of prominent Jewish properties in Leipzig once confiscated by the Third Reich. Has created hundreds of millions of dollars of value.

MBA, Harvard

MArch, Yale

BS, Virginia

Original Team

USA Pilot Opens

After a successful pilot in Taipei, the UrbanLab pilot opens in Liberty State Park in New Jersey. The pilot was 18 months in the making. The goal was to create a multi-modal transit hub for bike tourism, bike share and e-bikes. And is intended to complement bike share programs, offering ways for the unbanked, and other customers in need of specialized services. Opening the pilot included Assemblyman Raj Mukherji (Jersey City and Hoboken), Jersey City Deputy Mayor Marcos Vigal, Senator Cory Booker specialist Dinesh Suryawanshi, New Jersey Economic Development representative Marisa Slaten, and many more.

JC Deputy Mayor

Jersey City Deputy Major, Marcos Vigal

Original Team

Original Planning Team

Smart Systems

Monitoring supply and demand.