6. FAQS. make separate

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Why FIDI? Exceptional transit access, very strong international recognition, and significant available office space difficult to use for many purposes...among other reasons.
Why not IC in Flushing Meadows? IC is in part intended to be a living lab of how cities across the globe can be transformed to push back on climate change. Flushing Meadows does not offer that venue.
Will an IC World's Fair be like 1939 and 1964/65? No. IC will be similar in that it is heavily corporate focused, but unlike earlier fairs, IC projects just 5 million in-person visitors (versus 51 million in 1964/65)
Will IC require public funding? No. The city is in financial straits.
How is it different from other NYC initiatives? Like The partnership includes Cornell Tech, the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the New York Climate Exchange on Governors Island, the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal offshore wind hub, the Made in New York Campus, and the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Staten island. Would drive visitation there. Blue highway. Designed to be part of blue highway network. Expansion of bike usage (DCAS). Hubs Carbon net zero. All about Local Law 97
Does itsupport the Blue Highway IC proposes Pier 11 in the East River. Mayor Adams proposes Pier 6 (which is next to it).