Carbon Zero's revenue strategy is laser-focused on securing both initial and ongoing funding. It considers both timing and nature of capital expenditure (Capex) and operating expenditures (Opex) needs. It supports the overall mission to transform FiDi into a carbon zero city and all objectives. Revenue streams are below.

— General and Program Sponsorships

— Naming Right Sponsorships 


— The App

— Attendence (excluded)

— The Web and Metaverse

— Donation


Sponsorships generate upfront financing. Carbon Zero will offer tiered sponsorship packages. Carbon Zero's sponsorable assets will include micro-cargo and micro-transit vehicles, the Urban Hubs, specific exhibits, eating areas, entertainment areas.

Global Audience Reach: Platform showcasing brand to millions worldwide, including diverse people and companies. Includes the metaverse.
Global Brand Exposure: Significant exposure through attendees and media, enhancing recognition and sales.
Brand and Company Enhancement: Lasting effects on brand perception and customer loyalty post-event.
Media and Publicity Value: Significant media attention often exceeds traditional advertising value.
Long-term Brand Benefits: Creates lasting impact on brand perception and customer loyalty post-event.
Lead Generation and Networking: Direct engagement with potential customers and business partners.
Targeted Marketing: Direct access to specific demographics, aligning your brand with target market interests.
Customer Engagement: Unique platforms for direct interaction, offering real-time feedback and relationship building.
Product Launches and Demonstrations: Opportunity to launch and demonstrate new products to a wide audience.
Data Collection and Consumer Insights: Valuable consumer behavior data and insights for future marketing and product strategies.
Financial Support: Sponsors provide crucial funds to cover project costs, enabling their launch and sustainability.
Budget Relief: Sponsorships alleviate budget constraints, allowing for better resource allocation.
Risk Mitigation: Stable funding from sponsors reduces financial risks and enables effective planning.
Resource Access: Sponsors can offer valuable resources, expertise, and networks.
Credibility and Prestige: Association with reputable sponsors boosts project prestige and credibility.
Long-Term Partnerships: Sponsorships can evolve into ongoing support, offering continuous exposure for sponsors.
Revenues will be generated from sponsorship fees from companies.


Naming rights partnerships provide a powerful financial mechanism, where entities invest in associating their brand with venues, events, or facilities, transforming these spaces into significant revenue sources. Such agreements not only offer immediate funding but also ensure sustained financial inflows, critical for the maintenance, enhancement, and operation of these locations. 

Barclays Station — Paid $6.5 million annually for 20 years for naming rights of the subway station at Barclays Center.
AT&T — Agreed to pay $17 million per year over 20 years for naming rights of the light rail station at AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys.
NRG Energy — Sponsored a Philadelphia SEPTA (subway) station for $5.3 million over five years.
Santander Cycles — Santander took over the sponsorship of London's bike-share scheme in 2015. The deal was worth £43.75 million (approximately $56 million) for seven years.
Mercedes-Benz Stadium — Mercedes-Benz acquired the naming rights to the Atlanta Falcons' stadium in a deal reportedly worth $324 million over 27 years, announced in 2015.
Citibike — Citibank agreed to pay $41 million for a five-year Citibike sponsorship starting in 2013, with an additional $70.5 million extension until 2024, totaling over $111 million.
Brand Visibility — Constant exposure enhances brand recognition in an innovative environment.
Long-term Association — Years-long presence solidifies brand image with urban innovation.
Targeted Audience Reach — Direct engagement with an audience interested in technology and sustainability.
Prestige and Credibility — Elevates brand status as a leader in supporting urban development.
Corporate Social Responsibility — Demonstrates commitment to sustainable urban development.
Community Engagement — Positive contribution to community development and public well-being.
Exclusive Marketing Opportunities — Additional promotional activities within IC for enhanced brand exposure.
Business Opportunities — Opens doors for new partnerships and collaborations in urban innovation.
Consumer Insights — Gathers valuable market research and product development feedback.
Tax Benefits — Potential tax advantages depending on the sponsorship deal's structure.
Revenues will be generated from the sale of temporary and long term naming rights. Assests include exhibits, common areas including streets, and the Urban Hubs.


OOH and DOOH ads at Carbon Zero exhibits turn spaces into revenue powerhouses. Dynamic ads, augmented by QR and AR, secure high-value partnerships. Prime placement of OOH/DOOH assets drives engagement, unlocking profitable deals. This strategy boosts experience and monetizes space through immersive, targeted advertising.

High Visibility: OOH and DOOH ads in high-traffic areas reach a large and diverse audience.
Brand Awareness: Large, eye-catching OOH/DOOH displays build brand awareness and recall.
Targeted Advertising: Strategic placement in specific locations targets key demographics or consumer segments.
Flexibility and Dynamism: DOOH ads offer real-time updates and dynamic content.
Impactful Creativity: OOH/DOOH ads provide a creative canvas for compelling storytelling and experiences.
Complementing Digital Campaigns: Enhances online and digital campaigns for an integrated marketing approach.
Uninterrupted Exposure: Immune to ad blockers and digital ad fatigue, ensuring consistent audience exposure.
Geographic Reach: Covers various locations, ideal for regional or national campaigns.
Longer Impressions: Offers extended exposure time, unlike limited viewing windows of digital ads.
Non-Intrusive: Non-intrusive nature makes them more accepted by consumers compared to pop-ups or pre-roll videos.
Revenues will be generated primarily from advertising (similar to conventional OOH/DOOH). Additional revenues will in some instances from links via a QR code.
Flexibility: DOOH ads can be quickly changed in response to real-time events like weather or traffic, ensuring maximum contextual relevance.
Interactivity: Consumers can engage directly with DOOH ads using touchscreens for more information and interaction.
Dynamic Content: Incorporates dynamic elements like videos, animations, and live social media feeds to capture attention.
Measurability: Offers accurate measurement of impressions, engagement, and KPIs, enabling better tracking and analysis.
Cost-effectiveness: More cost-effective over time, with updates and changes made without expensive reprinting or installation fees.
Graph showing revenue models

Cost per thousands of views (CPM) —OOH and DOOH are a very cost effective way for companies to advertise. Invent City has a neighborhood OOH/DOOH strategy taking OOH/DOOH to a new level. Source: Solomon Partners, March 2022


The app is the central hub linking all assets. From a revenue perspective, it enables significant monetization, including after the conclusion of large-scale events like a world's fair.

Carbon Zero City will work with local groups to establish QR codes in storefronts, at monuments, and exhibits to seamlessly blend digital engagement with the physical world with a simple smartphone scan. In addition to providing the visitor with valuable information, the QR code-linked app will significantly enhance visibility and interaction for local businesses, allowing them to directly connect with users for a more personalized experience. The app will offer scheduling and navigation tools, enable tours of FiDi's history, and provide transportation updates. For sponsors and exhibitors, the app will include lead generation tools and profiles.
Extended Value for Users: Solve problems like reporting lost objects and exclusive discounts.
Customer Stickiness: Utilize push notifications to foster user retention and engagement.
Offline Availability: Function offline and sync data when connected.
Scalability: Scale up to meet the demands of a world’s fair.
Maximized Engagement: Customize content with age, nationality, and interests.
Extended Customer Support: A multilingual chatbot to provide customer assistance.
Cashless Transactions: Seamless online and offline purchases in partnership with a bank.
Multilingual Capabilities: Automatically translates into any language.
Market Reach Expansion: Contextual messaging, influencers, and user-generated content.
Use After a Major Event: Becomes the go-to resource for the FiDi neighborhood.
Revenues will be generated from commissions with local merchants, sponsorships, advertising, and supplemental fees (TBD).


A key part of the Invent City marketing engine is the metaverse, offering exhibitors and sponsors a 24/7, worldwide opportunity to showcase and sell their products and services. All marketing tools, like the metaverse, will be continuously measured.  

Break through the confines of reality with the metaverse, connecting your brand to a projected 50 million global Invent City users for unparalleled exposure. Redefine engagement by transforming every interaction into a continuous stream of revenue, keeping your audience perpetually captivated. Revolutionize your promotional strategy with Invent City's metaverse, offering immersive journeys from the past to the future and opening new revenue avenues.
Metaverse Advantage
Global Reach and Accessibility: Extends the reach to a global audience.
Cost-Efficiency: Reduces logistical and infrastructure costs.
Immersive Experiences: Engages visitors with interactive virtual exhibits.
Data and Analytics: Provides insights for improved strategies.
Networking Opportunities: Facilitates networking and collaboration.
Extended Duration: Remains accessible long after the fair ends.
Innovative Marketing: Uses gamification to enhance marketing.
Brand Exposure: Increases global exposure for enhanced brand recognition.
Adaptability: Allows quick updates to keep exhibits relevant.
Revenues will be generated from sponsorships, exhibit fees, product placement and special tours.


An upfront source. Invent City garners strong support from NYC's community, including residents, business professionals, and urban and climate change advocates.

Support our mission at Invent City to revitalize our urban environment into a sustainable, community-centric space, setting a global example. Our GoFundMe campaign funds will boost green spaces, infrastructure, and public art, improving life citywide. Your donation is an investment in our collective future, helping realize our vision for a legacy that enriches our community for generations. Join us in crafting a city of pride.

$500,000+: Doctoroff Family Foundation, JPMorgan Chase, Merrill Lynch, The Rudin Family, and others.
$300,000+: American Express, Continental Airlines, Goldman Sachs, KeySpan, Loews Corporation, Morgan Stanley, New York Life Foundation, The New York Times, and more.
$100,000+: Accenture, Bloomberg, Citigroup, American Capital Access, Andersen, AXA Foundation, Cendant, Credit Suisse First Boston, Daily News, Debevoise & Plimpton, Deloitte & Touche, Digital Pulp, Dover Corporation, Ernst & Young, Glenwood Management, S.L. Green Real Estate, The Hearst Corporation, HSBC Bank USA, International Paper, KPMG, Lehman Brothers, Max Capital Management, Nasdaq, New York Post, North Fork Bank, Paul Weiss, Pfizer, SwissRe, Thomson Corporation, TIAA-CREF, Tishman Speyer, TMP Worldwide, Toys "R" Us, UBS, Verizon Communications, and many more.


Want high profile exposure? Invent City's proposed marketing district includes an innovative comprehensive OOH/DOOH plan.

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